Homeopathic Drugs

 (These are available in our office NOT thru the online Pharmacy)


1. Antimonium tartarieum- Used for Moist Congestion

2. Arnica Montana– Used for Pain, Stiffness when worked hard, Trauma, Muscular Strain, Pre & Post Surgery, Pregnancy(easier labor and Post Partum), Recovery of Bruised Tissue, Prevent Stiffness

3. Rhus Tox– Used for Arthritis and Stiffness that Improves after Worked a little, Tendons, Arthritis(Tendon/Synovitis), Chronic Founder, Chronic Stiffness

4. Silicea– Used for Abcesses or Push foreighmaterial,Puncture, Corns, Thrush, Scartissue

5. Silicea IM– Used for Moonblindness

6. Calcurea Flurica- Used for Navicular (with boney changes), Chronic Founder