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Steven M. Haugen, DVM

Practice Limited to Large Animals Medicine & Surgery of the Horse Since 1977


Dr. Steven Haugen is a large animal veternarian concentrating on horses.  The practice is 100% mobile- going to your house or farm only. However there is an office and clinic where you can pick-up medicines and supplies as well as a full range of Vitamins, Joint Supplements and Wormers.Dr. Haugen and his office staff have served Hillsboro and the surrounding community for 34 years.  Dr. Haugen is a member of several veterinary and farrier organisations and has been a speaker at the national American Farriers Association on two occasions and has publications on lameness and x-rays on the horse.  Dr. Haugen and his family are owners of eight horses and variety of other animals.

Services offered

1. Medical

2. Dental

3. Reproduction

4. Cold Laser

5. Some Surgeries in the field

 1. Diagnostic ultrasound for tendon, back, joint and reproductive problems

2. Portable X-ray for diagnostic work up on lamenesses or PrePurchase exams to rule out or detect problems. 

3. Endoscope for respiratory or breathing problems. 

4. Manual Floats as well as a full range of Power Dental Floats for those horses with greater dental needs.

5. Cold Laser for treating lameness, back problems, tumors and eye problems.

6. Chiropractor adjustment using the VOM techniques

7. Homeopathic products

8. Vitamins and Joint products


 We  carry many different products in our office for your horse’s needs.  Vitamins, Supplements, Vaccines and Wormers just to name  a few. 


33845 SW TV Hwy

Hillsboro, OR 97123


Office Hours 

Monday thru Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Phone:  (503)648-6472

Fax:  (503)640-0577


Email:  PioneerVet@att.net


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